Monday, November 21, 2011

Has it Really Been That Long...

It doesn't seem like it has been over a month since I last posted, but maybe that is because we have been very busy. Here is what we have been up to...

Nothing has changed in the past month with Kimball, he is still running. He ran a race last Saturday after it had snowed. It was only 31* outside and the wind in his face made it even more chilly. I guess when you are die hard you don't stop for anything.

Sophia turned 7 on November 17th. She counted down to her birthday for weeks and as the days passed her wish list got longer and longer. But it finally arrived and she got almost everything on her list. She was a very happy girl. She chose to go to Applebee's for her birthday dinner. She kept reminding us every time the waitress came NOT to tell them it was her birthday. But her hearts desire was that she could get free ice cream, so we told them and she was embarrassed and elated:) Happy Birthday Soda Pop!

Kate turned Kate turned 10 on November 15th. It was a happy day if you can't tell by the smile on her early morning face. She had been hoping we would get her a Kindle. She was more than happy to have that be about all she got. She has become a great reader and is loving it. She went to Olive Garden on her birthday and was also serenaded. Happy Birthday Bug!

Of course, who can forget the excitement of Halloween. Kate was a gypsy. Sophia was a vampire. Hope was a witch again. The had fun at our ward party the weekend before. Then on Halloween night they hit the streets. The weather was so nice they didn't even have to wear coats. They had a fun time with friends and, of course, ate to much candy.

The week before Halloween we had to make the annual trip to the pumpkin patch. As always, it takes some time to find the perfect pumpkin, but we did it once again. They had fun and we carved them a few days later only to find a couple of them rotten inside. Oops, I should have checked them closer before we bought them. Lesson learned for next year :)


  1. Your kids keep looking bigger and bigger. Happy Birthday to the birthday girls!

  2. We miss you guys! Can't believe how big your kids are getting.